Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's tough living without a shop, not being able to build hardly anything at all. So when I came up with the idea for the worlds first and only floating cornhole game I needed some help. That's where Universal Foam Inc. came in. They've got a nice new website and can manufacture everything! They have huge CNC machines that cut the foam with a taught hot wire. They also have a staff of highly talented artists to sculpt absolutely anything.

If you've been to Lowes or Home Depot, you've seen the plywood stacked up. 4ft by 8ft sheets, stacked four feet tall. This is how Universal Foam Inc. gets styrofoam. The warehouse is pretty impressive!

A little about the beanbag game commonly called cornhole:
Name: Cornhole - It's named after the corn filled beanbags commonly used to play.
Materials: Two wedge shaped boxes, and eight beanbags
Players: Two teams of Two
A little more about how to play.

It seems like a more northern game, I haven't seen it played down here in Florida


Ok, to wrap this post up, here's the final product in the pool. All I did was write up the design, describe it a little and Universal Foam Inc. built it.


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