Sunday, November 20, 2005

I caught the tail end of this show about chair building. The host was attaching the seat to the frame so I missed the welding segment.

The chairs aren't 100% to my taste but the materials are interesting; stainless steel, plastic and felt. It looks like once the jigs and patterns are set up, a project like this wouldn't be too difficult.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Swanson has watered down the Hungry-Man image!

Compare the packaging from 2003 to the current 2005 box.

The changes may not be that apparent, but take a closer look...
2003 2005

Hmm... Interesting. Two servings. But how does it affect me? This is how!
For a split second I though "huh, they made these things more healthy" Ohh no. In fact, they're worse for you! I know you all love the pound and a half of delicious pork pattieness as much as I do, but what is Swanson thinking? They're alienating their core audience. I'm glad hurricane season is just about over or I'd get lifted of the ground like the guy in the commercial! I only eat about three of these per year, but we all know that 1.5 lbs = meal, 0.75 lbs = quiche, sprig of parsley and Michelob Ultra.